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Reprinted with Permission

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Ub Bo
Lausanne, Switzerland

"I was in the Hands of James for the second time and can only highly recommend him, difficult to describe, certainly worth to try his excellents talents, Thank you James very much for your kindness and energies."

Orange County, CA

"I just completed the Emm-Tech 8 hour course with James. It was amazing. I feel so fortunate to have found this incredible technique. Thank you James for making this happen. I highly recommend this course and James. He's a great teacher and made everything so easy to learn. I'm looking forward to perfecting my technique and seeing/feeling all the benefits. I hope to learn more in the future and to continue helping myself and family. Thank you again and I hope to see you again soon."

San Francisco, CA

"Yesterday I had the privilege of getting a massage from James. His rates are very reasonable for the outcall, and he was professional and prompt. Massage was perfect from beginning to end, and was one of a kind; quite unique and very effective. He checked in often to make sure the pressure was ok and he responded to my needs as we went along. Thoroughly recommended."

Atlanta, GA, USA

"They say seeing is believing... maybe so, but Feeling seals the deal. When I explained to James, my pains and other health issues, he recommended an Emmett Technique treatment. I had limited knowledge of the technique, but, I agreed to it mainly because I trusted him. A few pressure points and slight twists later, I had a noticeable decrease in shoulder pain, which allowed me to reach further without wincing. The other, and even more significant benefit was a reduced dependence on my eyeglasses. I have worn glasses during all my waking hours for many years, but following the very first treatment, I literally FORGOT to put my glasses on didn't realize it for 20-30 minutes. I still use them for reading, but I no longer panic if I can't find my glasses as soon as I get out of bed. Thank you James!"

Marshall M.
Camden, NSW, Australia (first posted on Facebook)

"Products: Psoriasis Relief & Insect Repellant
I have dealt with psoriasis for decades, and have struggled with using what the pharmo-industrial complex commonly prescribes (topical steroids). These steroids have many negative side effects, so I've been looking for alternatives for a long time. JP's Psoriasis Relief greatly reduced the inflammation with no side effects!
Also, I purchased the Insect Repellent. I am often repelled by chemical insect repellents. This alternative was very effective in keeping the voracious flies and mosquitoes away while playing soccer in Australia!"

Adele Scott
Campbelltown, Australia

"I would like thank James for introducing me to this fantastic therapy.  I had been having lower back trouble which never seemed to rectify despite trying many other modalities. After the first treatment I noted that my lower back felt fantastic and also my knee seem to feel different in a good way after having torn 2 ligaments.  Also I found I had much better balance and could stand on one leg without having to hold onto anything....that's a big thing for me!  I would recommend James and Emmett Therapy for anyone who has a body out of balance and suffering body pain."

Will W.
Sydney, Australi

"I have been the beneficiary of James's therapy for the past 8 months. I first contacted James due to ongoing neck spasms and general movement discomfort. James quickly sourced the root of my problems and gave me a freedom of movement i hadn't known for some time. His Lymphatic drainage work was an enervating and revitalising experience. I would strongly recommend his professionalism and therapy."

Evelyne P
Vesoul, Franc

"I have cervical and lumbar arthritis, which causes me pain and limits my movements. I also have ankylosis of my thumbs. I must regularly take painkillers and anti-inflammatories to relieve my pain. After the Emmett technique session, I immediately felt an improvement, at first a feeling of well-being with loss of muscle tension. I could then see that I had recovered the strength in the hands and arms. My fingers are no longer swollen and move better. I also had pain in the calves due to muscle spasms. Now I can climb stairs more easily. I am fully satisfied with this very gentle technique, not aggressive to the body but very effective. I can only recommend it to all people who suffer from chronic pain and are looking for a natural way to cure their pains."

Lois L.
Sacramento, CA, USA

"I discovered JP Holistic Therapy online when I was unable to get rid of an extended bout of congestion with medical prescriptions or over-the-counter remedies.  While I initially thought it was a just a bad cold, when James found out how long it had lingered, and my symptoms, he suggested I try his Cold & Flu Season Inhaler with steam every day.  I followed his directions, and began to notice relief immediately.  I feel so much better now."

Adrianne Pitts
Sacramento, CA, USA (first posted on Facebook)

"I will admit I was a bit of a skeptic. I have a long term injury on my shoulder/back/neck, diagnosed as a Thoracic Spine injury. I have literally been in pain daily for years. I had the [Reiki and Emmett] technique done by James Poole. The first day it was done, nothing special. I wasn't even sure it worked. When I woke up the next morning, which is when I have most of my pain, I was 100% pain free....I could not believe it. I have taken medication, had massages, cortisone shots....and on, and on. I'm now at 10 days later and still have zero pain and full range of motion of my shoulder. I don't usually do reviews but I am so excited about this that I had to write about it. The only down side for me is if I knew it was going to work that well, I would have had him tackle all my other aches and pains too."

Chris V.L.
San Francisco, CA, USA

"I tried James' Hydrating Anti-Aging fennel cream and loved it! The consistency was great for my face and body. It leaves a sheen initially that then absorbs after a few minutes and leaves my skin feeling surprisingly soft and hydrated. I used it all over my body. It is also great for massage."

Pierre Mariotte
Camden, NSW, Australia


"I had a session with James just after a long flight from Europe to Australia. I was totally jet lagged with pains all over my body, tired and completely out of energy. James applied the Emmett technique on me with many moves on my shoulder, my face and lower back. The results were incredible... my pains went completely away and I cannot explain how, but my energy was completely restored and I was able to start my working day in perfect health conditions. Thanks a lot James!"

Chris L
San Francisco, CA

"I tried for the first time the Emmett technique with James not knowing much about it. I had major issues with my flexibility during yoga and wanted to improve my lower back and legs to stretch better. James was so patient and explained clearly the technique. I was so impressed and shocked to see that my flexibility improved by 4 to 5 inches. Just incredible. I would totally recommend James, he is talented and knows what he is doing. Thank you and too bad you live so far."

Steven D
Sydney, Australia

"I have had a few sessions with James to assist with pain radiating from hip and lower back. As a forty-something tennis player, I had numerous treatments over the years for lower back, leg and hip soreness. Even after the first [Emmett therapy] session, I found that I had an increased range of movement, less tightness and a notable reduction in pain in my lower back and hip areas. I also found that the treatment had a positive influence on my sleep. I have also had his lymphatic drainage treatment, which left me feeling refreshed. The treatment is totally non invasive and would suit most people even if their mobility or range of movement is significantly compromised. James communicates information regarding the treatment effectively and creates a warm feeling of confidence and professionalism. I will certainly be using James' services as often as I can."

Lina A.
Camden, NSW, Australia (first posted on Facebook)

"Purchased some products for the first time and was really impressed. Especially loved the rose cream.
Ordered the products one day and they were delivered straight to my door the next. Excellent service!"

Shahnoosh H.
Camden, NSW, Australia (first posted on Facebook)

"Few months ago when I was suffering from a really bad pain in my upper back and I couldn't sit or even lay down comfortably had a therapy session with James Poole, he explained to me how Emmett therapy works but it was a bit difficult to understand how something so simple (in my eyes) can help. But I trusted him and tried to think about nothing and just followed his instructions. In that session he used blended oil and just put it on a wet piece of tissue and hold in on the source of the pain. Interestingly after the session which wasn't long I felt relief and so sleepy ( I should say that I hadn't slept for 3 nights because of pain and I was miserable). After therapy I went to bed straight away and slept for hourssssss peacefully. it is interesting that you can feel different at the end of the session. I loved [it]. I also like the [Pain Relief Blend] oil as he gave me some to take home and apply on my back, it was relaxing and the smell was amazing. I recommend the therapy , the oil and of course James magic hands to everyone. He listen to you and let you finish your story and nagging about your pain then with a really calm voice he explain what he wants to do. He is really passionate about his job. Thank you James."

Sylvain M.
Boulot, France

"I had eczema on my feet for a long time. I tried many lotions but nothing really worked. I had a consultation with James  and he suggested I use his Hot Eczema Blend. I applied it for a week now and the redness disappeared, my feet are well hydrated and my skin looks way better. The sensation of burning is also gone. Many thanks James."

Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I called James because I was having disturbing dreams and problems sleeping, but I’ve become almost paranoid about the side effects possible from traditional medicines.  I found the restless pattern of sleep I was used to subsided when I used his Good Night's Sleep Blend in a diffuser at night.  I was impressed with James’ knowledge and genuine concerned and how easy he was to talk to.  I’m really looking forward to working with him more."

"Satisfied Senior"
Sydney, NSW, Australia

"I’m  a senior citizen on a fixed income and didn’t really think I could afford to try alternative healing methods.  But after talking to James, I realized that the benefits far outweighed the cost.  He took the time to share healthy treatments for the aches and pains my doctors brushed off as “just old age”, which was very encouraging.  Thank you James for listening to me."
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